GIULIANI: ‘Anybody in America That Wants to Riot, Go to Portland! You Can Riot Like Crazy’

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.29.20

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani ripped Portland’s far-left leadership this week; saying if anybody in the United States wants to riot and steal, they can “go to Portland.”

“Anybody in America that wants to riot, go to Portland,” Giuliani said during a podcast interview. “You can riot like crazy. You can break open windows. You can steal liquor. You can steal dresses. You can steal televisions. And even if you get arrested, you’ll be out in six hours.”

“Meanwhile, you’ve got a mayor who’s shown support for you by rioting with you and trying to attack the federal building. He’s trying to blame it on the federal government, which tells you how pathetic he is,” he added.

“The federal government didn’t arrive until a week ago. That’s [the rioting’s] been going on for two months. And the federal government is doing just one thing and one thing alone. They are protecting the federal building they [the rioters] have vowed to take down and they have the appropriate law enforcement officers there to do it,” Giuliani said. “They have not introduced the army. That’s another complete lie by the lunatic left. They are using DEA agents, ATF agents and other civil law enforcement organizations.”

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GIULIANI ON DE BLASIO: ‘It Breaks My Heart’ What He’s Done to New York City

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.06.19

Former Big Apple Mayor Rudy Giuliani slammed Bill de Blasio during an appearance on Fox & Friends Friday; saying “it breaks his heart” to see what De Blasio has done to New York City.

“Homelessness was gone and homelessness should be gone,” Giuliani said. “There’s a way to look at homelessness that these liberals just don’t get. When I see a city with homeless people, I see a city with a mayor who doesn’t give a damn about people, because if you give a damn about people, you don’t let them lay on the street.”

De Blasio’s presidential aspirations were thrown into doubt this week after failing to secure a spot in the upcoming Democratic Debate in Houston, Texas.

“People go from unheard of to totally famous in 72 hours in America now,” he said Wednesday. “So a candidate like me who’s not that well known yet, you ask me in 72 hours, right? And something might change.”

“This is a job that requires energy and attention every hour of every day and that’s what I do,” de Blasio added. “There’s countless phone calls, countless emails, checking in on all different leaders of different agencies and folks in City Hall. And that is why you continue to see a host of initiatives moving forward. It’s the nature of the job as a CEO that you’re responsible for making sure that everything is moving. And everything is moving. That’s just the reality.”

Read the full report at Fox News.

GIULIANI on DE BLASIO: ‘The Mayor Should Step Down, He’s Incompetent’

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.02.20

Former Big Apple Mayor Rudy Giuliani ripped Bill de Blasio this week for his total failure to take control of the country’s biggest city; saying it’s time he “step down” following days of riots and looting in all five boroughs.

“This action did not have to happen, if we had a vaguely competent mayor. This should have been stopped five days ago. I mean, couldn’t they have stopped some of that? We have watched now over and over again people looting, throwing Molotov cocktails, burning cars, and now putting our police in prison, in hospitals, and virtually no major arrests are made,” the former mayor of New York City said.

“The mayor should step down. He’s incompetent,” he added.

“He’s been a terrible mayor for six and-a-half, seven years. Terrible. There isn’t a person in the city that will tell you he hasn’t been a terrible mayor. Now we need a vaguely competent mayor. People are going to die if this man doesn’t get out of the way and let the police department do their job,” Giulinani added.

Read the full report at the Washington Examiner.

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