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Get Endless Music and Motivation for Your Workout With Auro: One Year Now $29.99

posted by Mark Myerson - 1.07.21

Good personal trainers provide both knowledge and words of encouragement. Wouldn’t it be neat if you had that input with every workout?

With Auro, you can. This highly rated app delivers music and motivation through carefully crafted audio tracks, which means you’ll always have an expert in your ear. In a special deal for Hannity viewers, a one-year subscription is now only $29.99 — that is 50% off MSRP.


Going to the gym has become pretty difficult over the past year because of the pandemic. As a result, many of us are working out alone, without the help of trainers or even gym buddies. 

With Auro, you can get all the same words of encouragement you heard in your favorite classes — even if you’re just jogging in the park. Rated at 4.7 on iOS and 4.3 on Android, this app offers a library of over 700 audibles to suit any workout.

The collection covers home, gym, and outdoor workouts, with a mixture of podcasts, music, and more so you can reduce your screen time and experience your workouts all through audio listening.

You can connect various streaming services to enjoy your own playlists, and the app also offers over 1,000 videos. The fitness content comes from expert trainers, with 50 new workouts every month. 

Auro syncs with Apple Watch, Myzone, Garmin, and 20 other fitness devices. It’s really easy to use, and you can view your stats on the app to track and evaluate your progress.

One-year subscriptions are normally priced at $59, but you can get started today for just $29.99.


Auro – #1 Fitness & Wellness App: 1-Yr Subscription – $29.99

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Prices subject to change.

Enjoy Lifetime Language Learning With Mondly for Just $100

posted by Mark Myerson - 12.04.20

There are many benefits to speaking a second language, from exploring a different culture to making new friends. Now that we’ve all got more time on our hands at home, why not use it to learn a new language?

To make the learning process easier, Mondly uses fun mini games and speech recognition technology. Right now, Hannity viewers can get lifetime access to this highly-rated app for just $99.99 — that’s more than $2,000 off the full price.

Many of us have bad memories of foreign language classes in high school. Trying to pick up words and phrases from a blackboard is enough to put you off the idea for life. Mondly offers a completely different experience. This Apple App of the Year and Google Play Editor’s Choice helps you master 33 languages without a single textbook or line of chalk.

Focusing on real-world vocabulary, Mondly introduces words and phrases through pictures, quizzes, and simulated conversations. You’ll also get to hear every word pronounced by a native speaker, and the app listens to your attempt.

To make the experience even more exciting, Mondly uses AR technology. When you point your smartphone at an object, the app shows you the word in your new language. This method of learning is remarkably fun, and it helps you progress faster. What’s more, the lessons take only a few minutes each day, so you can fit them in during a lunch break, or any pocket of time you can find in your busy day.

You would normally pay $2,199 for lifetime access to Mondly. But with this deal, the price is just $99.99. Get it today for yourself, or treat someone you love this holiday season.


Mondly: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) – $99.99

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Lumberjack Workout: Build Full-Body Strength With The Chopper, Now 13% off

posted by Mark Myerson - 12.11.20

Lumberjacks are notoriously strong, but many don’t start out this way. It turns out that chopping wood all day is actually a great full-body workout.

Inspired by the daily graft of foresters, The Chopper from ChopFit helps you get the same workout at home — without swinging around a sharp hatchet in your apartment or house. It retails for $139, but the set is now 13% off at $119.99 in an exclusive offer for Hannity readers.

In the words of Hypebeast, The Chopper is a “home workout system in the shape of an axe.” It might sound like an Instagram gimmick, but the system is endorsed by a long list of professional athletes — including three-time NBA champion, Udonis Haslem. 

The main difference between a regular hatchet and The Chopper is that the workout aid lacks a blade. Instead, it has a blunt 4lb weight on the end of the handle.

Performing various swinging exercises with The Chopper works your arms, your shoulders, your core, your back, and your glutes. Depending on where you hold the handle, you can increase the force up to 16lbs. At the same time, you will feel the cardio burn, giving you a full-body workout. 

Being pretty compact, The Chopper is great for workouts in unusual places. It even has a companion smartphone app to guide you through the exercises.

You can order now for $119.99 to get The Chopper at 13% off full price. Want to give one to your friends? You can grab a two-pack for $218.99 (reg. $259) or a four-pack for only $429.99 (reg. $499).


THE CHOPPER: Full-Body Workout – $119.99

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Prices subject to change.


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