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Get 18 Cybersecurity Courses From Top Instructors for Just $43 Today

posted by Mark Myerson - 2.08.21

According to industry experts, there will be over 3.5 million unfilled jobs in cyber security by the end of this year. The shortfall means that top companies are seeking and fighting for new talent.

If you would like to break into this lucrative niche, The All-In-One 2021 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle is a great place to start. This collection of 18 courses is valued at $3,284, but Hannity viewers can get the full line-up for just $42.99 today.

There are many different roles in cyber security, but they all work towards defending data from criminal hackers. Many of these jobs pay over six figures, and you get to learn about the latest technology.

While you don’t need a degree to break into cybersecurity, you do need some professional certifications. This bundle helps you pass the key exams and pick up practical skills along the way.

The full library includes over 1,600 video tutorials, taking you from the fundamentals and basics of ethical hacking, to advanced techniques. Delivered by top instructors, the courses teach you about attacks commonly used against websites, servers, networks, mobile devices, and other systems.

You will also learn how to run penetration testing — the art of mimicking the kind of attacks that criminals use, in order to find weaknesses. This includes lessons on Python 3, Metasploit, and other key tools.

All of the courses have great reviews, and you can claim a certificate of completion for each track.

Order today for $42.99 to get lifetime access to all 18 courses, worth $3,284.


The All-In-One 2021 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle – $42.99

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Prices subject to change.


NASA: ‘Ozone Hole is the Smallest on Record Since Its Discovery’

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.22.19

NASA scientists released a surprising new study this week; revealing the hole found in the Earth’s Ozone layer back in 1982 is now the smallest since its discovery.

“The annual ozone hole reached its peak extent of 6.3 million square miles (16. 4 million square kilometers) on Sept. 8, and then shrank to less than 3.9 million square miles (10 million square kilometers) for the remainder of September and October, according to NASA and NOAA satellite measurements,” reports the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

“It’s great news for ozone in the Southern Hemisphere,” said Paul Newman, chief scientist for Earth Sciences at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. “But it’s important to recognize that what we’re seeing this year is due to warmer stratospheric temperatures. It’s not a sign that atmospheric ozone is suddenly on a fast track to recovery.”

“Thirty-two years ago, the international community signed the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. This agreement regulated the consumption and production of ozone-depleting compounds. Atmospheric levels of man-made ozone depleting substances increased up to the year 2000. Since then, they have slowly declined but remain high enough to produce significant ozone loss. The ozone hole over Antarctica is expected to gradually become less severe as chlorofluorocarbons— banned chlorine-containing synthetic compounds that were once frequently used as coolants—continue to decline. Scientists expect the Antarctic ozone to recover back to the 1980 level around 2070,” adds the report.

Read the full story on NASA’s website.

Learn American Sign Language With 75 Hours of Video Lessons for $20

posted by Mark Myerson - 2.05.21

You may not realize it, but more than half a million people in this country are registered deaf. Learning American Sign Language can help you connect with this community, and give you a new skill that can be useful in a variety of settings.

The Complete 2021 American Sign Language Master Class Bundle helps you become fluent in ASL, with 75 hours of video lessons. The training is usually priced at $99, but it’s now available to Hannity viewers for just $19.99 in a special deal.

If you work in emergency services or healthcare, knowing ASL can be really helpful. The language also provides the base for hand signals used in scuba diving. 

This collection of courses takes you from beginner to advanced vocabulary through three levels. In addition, you’ll get a bonus course that focuses on ASL for babies and toddlers.

Through concise video lessons, you learn the ASL alphabet and common signs for everyday situations. Other tutorials teach you pronouns, numbers, days of the week, emergency signs, and more. 

The training also looks at deaf etiquette. Conversations are a little different when the other person can’t hear you jump in, so it’s important to understand these unwritten rules. 

Along with gaining valuable skills, this bundle helps you add to your résumé. Each course comes with a certificate of completion, and the training is actually worth 30 CPD credits.

Order today for just $19.99 to get unlimited lifetime access to all the courses, worth $99 in total.


The Complete 2021 American Sign Language Master Class Bundle – $19.99

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Prices subject to change.

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