GENERATION SNOWFLAKE: New College Program Allows Students to 'GRADE THEMSELVES'

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.09.18

A literature class at a small liberal arts college is experimenting with a new program where professors utilize “contract grading,” a process where students pick a grade before the semester and complete the appropriate workload to achieve it.

According to the College Fix, professor Melissa Gonzalez is deploying the new strategy for her Introduction to Spanish Literatures and Cultures course at Davidson College.

“She is one of several professors across the nation who allow this pick-your-own grade method, billed as a way to eliminate the student-professor power differential and give students control of their education. But critics contend it is just another example of how colleges coddle students from the harsh realities of the real world, which includes competition and goal expectations,” writes the Fix.

“I aim to foster classroom environments that are radically democratic and empower intellectual risk-taking,” said Gonzalez on social media.

Read the full story here.

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