GANGLAND: Cops Make ZERO ARRESTS After 70 People Shot Throughout Chicago

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.08.18

Police in Chicago failed to make a single arrest following this weekend’s shooting spree that terrified neighborhoods across the city; urging local residents to come forward with any information that could help investigators.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Windy City’s top law enforcement officials came under fire from residents after the police failed to arrest a single suspect behind the recent spike in violence.

“The police said that the shootings mostly took place in four areas with high crime and high levels of gang activity, and that investigators are looking at whether they were retaliatory in nature. Some of the attacks were made on foot, others from cars, and some were met with return fire. But many of the victims were clearly not the intended targets, the police said,” writes the New York Times.

“We need everyone, especially our judicial partners, to start making repeat gun offenders feel consequences for their actions,” said Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. “We need everyone to come to the table with less talk, but more action.”

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