GAETZ OF HELL! Watch Rep. Matt Gaetz Unload on Biden, Offers Real State of the Union

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.07.23

While addressing his colleagues on the House floor on Monday, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz unloaded on President Joe Biden and his seemingly neverending support —billions and billions of dollars in support —to Ukraine in its war against Russia. Gaetz also snuck in some shots on China and the Biden crime family.

“How much more for Ukraine? Is there any limit?” Gaetz asked on the House floor. “Which billionth dollar really kicks in the door? Which redline we set will we not later cross?”

“China reminds us that we have real issues. China began its offensive against our homeland, infiltrating our universities, stealing our innovations, buying off our politicians, surveilling our citizens —all the while, capturing the loyalties of America’s most powerful corporations.”

“But tomorrow, President Biden will tell us how much more we must do for Ukraine,” Gaetz said. “Look around your house. How much stuff is made in Ukraine, or even Russia for that matter?”

“So why Ukraine, a country that just rounded up dozens of senior leaders in its government over overt corruption?” Gaetz asked. “Perhaps the answer is as simple as the Hunter Biden life motto: the grifters gotta grift.”

“Stingers, HIMARS, tanks…. at first we said no to all of these things,” Gaetz said. “President Biden even said that some of these things might lead to World War III. And then yet, we sent all of them.”

“F-16s are likely still,” Gaetz said, referring to the suddenly more realistic possibility that the U.S. might send planes to Ukraine. “Lockheed Martin sure is confident that Ukraine will get F-16s. They told the Financial Times recently that they are already ramping up production. Create demand, provide the supply.”

“This is escalating, and we are placing trust in leaders who do not deserve trust,” he said. “John Kirby, the Pentagon’s [former] spokesman, who assured us that the Afghan military would withstand the Taliban offensive, now says that there is no risk that Putin will go nuclear. The risk of miscalculation in Ukraine is much, much higher than getting it wrong in Afghanistan.”

“We can and must push for peace,” he said. “You don’t really hear that from many people these days with the exception of President Trump. Trump is right to recognize that we are on the brink of World War III and that immediate action for peace is necessary to stop disaster.”

Watch the clip above.

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