GABBARD: Biden’s DOJ Investigating Parents as Terrorists is ‘Despicable’ and ‘Un-American’

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.11.21

Former Democratic Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard ripped Joe Biden’s Department of Justice Friday for investigating American parents as “domestic terrorists,” calling the move a “flagrant abuse of power.”

“Despicable. Un-American. This is the only way to describe efforts by Attorney General Garland to intimidate the American people into silence and compliance. If we passively accept this flagrant abuse of power, our country will descend further into a police state,” posted Gabbard on Twitter.

“Every American should be concerned about what’s happening right now. This is bigger than Democrats versus Republicans. What we’re seeing here is the powerful elite in this country try and silence and control us,” she told Fox News.


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was grilled by one reporter Wednesday after the Dept. of Justice instructed the FBI to probe American parents protesting at school board meetings as potential “domestic terrorists.”

“A week ago, the National School Boards Association wrote to the President to say that their teachers feel like some parents protesting recently could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism. The Attorney General put the FBI on the case,” began one reporter.

“Does the administration agree that parents upset about their kids’ curriculums could be domestic terrorists?” asked the journalist.

“These were threats against public servants! Threats against members of the school board,” deflected Psaki.


Watch Gabbard’s comments above.

GABBARD to BIDEN: ‘Crisis on the Southern Border is the Direct Result of Your Open-Border Policy’

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.24.21

Former Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard called-out the Biden administration Wednesday night, saying the current crisis spiraling out of control along the US-Mexico is a direct result of the President’s policies.

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the humanitarian and national security crisis on the southern border is the direct result of your open-border policy. As I said in my 2020 presidential campaign, we can’t have a secure nation if we don’t secure our borders,” posted Gabbard on Twitter.


Congresswoman Maxine Waters raised eyebrows among millions of Americans this week when she blamed Donald Trump for the current border crisis and claimed the situation in Texas is now “worse than slavery.”

“Haitians fleeing violence & the lack of a credible government in Haiti are being treated like animals. U.S. government cowboys on horses used whips on Haitians as they sought refuge. Why are we following the Trump policies? This horrendous treatment of Haitians must STOP NOW,” posted Waters on Twitter.


“What the hell are we doing here?” she told a crowd in Washington, DC. “What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years. What we witnessed is worse than what we witnessed in slavery. Cowboys whipping black people, Haitians, into the water.”

“All they’re trying to do is escape from violence in their country,” she added.


Rep. Rashida Tlaib made similar remarks Wednesday.

“What we all witnessed in Del Rio, Texas was disgusting not just because of the rogue, out-of-control CBP, but also because the actions were a blatant betrayal of our human rights values,” said Tlaib.

Watch Waters’ comments above.

GABBARD: End Result of Cancel Culture in America Will Resemble ‘Islamist Terror Groups Like ISIS’

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.10.21

Former Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard weighed-in this week on the escalating use of “cancel culture” to crackdown on free speech; saying the end result will resemble “ISIS and al Qaeda.”

“When you look at the foundation of our democracy, it is based on this ideal, this principle of freedom, freedom of speech, freedom for every single one of us to be able to share our ideas and debate them, to argue them, to agree or to disagree, to pick and choose in this marketplace of ideas, those that we deem to be right or wrong to be superior or inferior and even for those ideas that may be misleading or dangerous, that in this free marketplace, we have the right to then defeat those ideas with superior ones,” Gabbard said.


“So, let’s look down the path and say, ‘Okay, well, where does this cancel culture lead us?’ You see the final expression of cancel culture in Islamist terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda who basically go and behead those who … they deem to be infidels or heretics,” she added.

Read the full report here.

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