FOUL BALL! Bernie Says We Give ‘Hundreds of Millions to Baseball Players… What Does that Say About Our Society?’

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.07.20

After attacking Disney, Walmart, Amazon, McDonald’s, Macy’s and other large American corporations, Bernie Sanders set his sights on Major League Baseball; lamenting we pay athletes “hundreds of millions’ while teachers remain under-compensated.

“We can give hundreds of millions of dollars to baseball players, but we’re telling the young people in America you want to be a teacher, you’re going to start off at a salary that you really can’t even survive on,” said Sanders in New Hampshire.

Watch Sanders’ comments above.

SOVIET STYLE! Move Over Amazon, Walmart, McDonald’s, and Disney… Bernie Now Targeting MACY’S

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.06.20

Far-left Senator and potential Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders is now targeting Macy’s Department Store for their “$1 billion in profits,” claiming “Corporate America’s greed has got to end.”

“Macy’s made $1 billion in profits last year. Its CEO makes 580 times more than the median worker. Macy’s paid $0 in taxes in 2017. Now it’s laying off 2,000 hard-working employees to make more profits. Corporate America’s greed has got to end,” posted Sanders on social media.

Sanders found himself in hot-water earlier this month when FEC filing showed the candidate spending more on private jet travel than any other contender.

“The most recent filing from Sanders reveals $1,199,579 in spending during the final three months of 2019 to Apollo Jets, LLC, a ‘luxury private jet charter service.’ The campaign spent an additional $23,941 for transportation to Virginia-based Advanced Aviation Team,” reports the Washington Free Beacon.

“The candidate who comes closest to matching Sanders in private jet spending was former vice president Joe Biden, whose campaign spent $1,040,698 to Advanced Aviation Team last quarter,” adds the website.

“Global climate change is real, it is caused mainly by emissions released from burning fossil fuels and it poses a catastrophic threat to the long-term longevity of our planet,” he writes on his campaign website. “The transportation sector accounts for about 26 percent of carbon pollution emissions.”

Source: Washington Free Beacon

BERNIE BLASTS WALMART: The Far-Left Senator Demands Walmart Raise Wages for All Workers

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.05.19

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders directly targeted Walmart at the corporation’s shareholder meeting Wednesday; demanding higher pay for all workers to avoid what he described as “starvation wages.”

“Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders attended the annual Walmart shareholders meeting on Wednesday, where he pressed the company to raise wages for its hourly workers,” reports Fox Business.

“Sanders put forth a proposal to raise the company’s $11 minimum wage. He also proposed allowing hourly workers to have representation on the company’s board of directors,” adds the article.

“Walmart is the largest private employer in America and is owned by … the wealthiest family in the U.S.,” Sanders said during his three-minute presentation. “Despite the wealth of its owner, Walmart pays many of its employees starvation wages.”

Sanders has previously attacked giant American corporations such as McDonald’s and Amazon; similarly demanding an increase in payment to avoid “starvation wages.”

Sanders released a new proposal last week that would crackdown on “capitalism” in the United States; promoting “worker ownership” of large companies and corporations.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will push new policies aimed at giving workers a greater ownership stake in companies, moves the 2020 presidential candidate is pitching as a dramatic transfer of power in the U.S. economy,” writes the Washington Post.

“The plans would give millions of workers the type of workplace influence typically reserved for shareholders and executives,” adds the newspaper.

“The establishment says there’s no alternative to an unfettered capitalism that produces huge CEO bonuses while millions are paid starvation wages. They are dead wrong. Instead of more tax breaks to profitable corporations, let’s expand employee ownership,” posted Sanders on social media.

“We can move to an economy where workers feel that they’re not just a cog in the machine — one where they have power over their jobs and can make decisions,” Sanders said in an interview. “Democracy isn’t just the opportunity to vote. What democracy really means is having control over your life.”

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