FLASHBACK to 2017: Leading Economists, Media ‘SKEPTICAL’ GDP Could GROW 3%

posted by Hannity Staff - 8.02.18

The US economy continued to reach new heights this week as recent reports showed a stunning 4.1% growth in GDP; shocking economists and “experts” who claimed 3% growth would be highly unlikely back in 2017.

Politifact published the dour economic article in May 2017, titled “Why economists are skeptical that U.S. can grow by 3 percent,” claiming leading experts believed such economic output would be highly unlikely during the Trump presidency.

“So do economists really think that 3 percent growth is no longer feasible? Basically, yes… Here’s why,” writes the author.

“We checked in with several economists on the left, right and center. The most bullish among them were merely skeptical about the chances of reaching 3 percent on a consistent basis. The majority were downright pessimistic,” adds the article.

Fast forward over one year later and the US economy is roaring to life under President Trump; smashing job expectations and nearing full employment in the wake of the GOP-sponsored tax cuts.

Read Politifact’s original article here.