FLASHBACK: California's Xavier Becerra DEFLECTS on Missing DNC SERVER

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.04.18

California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra came under fire this week over his stark defense of the state’s “unconstitutional” Sanctuary City laws, but the firebrand liberal is no stranger to controversy; taking heat months ago for his role in the disappearance of a highly-sought after Democratic server.

Becerra was speaking at an event late-last year when he was pressed to answer serious questions over the disappearance of the computer hardware; the site of multiple cybersecurity violations.

“Cybersecurity is obviously a big issue we’re facing these days. There was an issue shortly before you left Congress at the end of last year where your server was the site of a bunch of cybersecurity incidents,” asked the Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak.

“People made unauthorized access to your server dozens of times,” he added. “Shortly before you resigned, the physical server did disappear. What happened to this server?”

“Go back and research your facts, you’ve got them wrong. I understand that this matter is still under investigation, and we have cooperated with the authorities both within Congress and within the federal government on this,” deflected the Attorney General.

“But you should check your facts… I would urge you to go ahead and talk to the folks who are doing the investigation, but check your facts because you cited a number of things that are incorrectly stated,” he deflected.

Watch the fiery exchange above.


posted by Hannity Staff - 3.02.18

The White House confirmed this week that the Department of Justice was launching an investigation into a California mayor who tipped-off illegal immigrants of impending ICE sweeps; calling the left-wing politicians actions “outrageous,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called-out Oakland, California Mayor Libby Schaaf Thursday over her decision to publicly disclose imminent immigration crackdowns throughout the Bay Area, telling residents to be on the lookout for federal agents within their communities.

“I think it’s outrageous that a mayor would circumvent federal authorities and certainly put them in danger by making a move such as that,” said Sanders, adding that her actions were currently “under review” to see if she violated federal law.

“The Oakland mayor’s decision to publicize her suspicions about ICE operations further increased that risk for my officers and alerted criminal aliens — making clear that this reckless decision was based on her political agenda with the very federal laws that ICE is sworn to uphold,” said ICE’s acting director.

Oakland, like many other California municipalities, considers itself a ‘Sanctuary City,’ often shielding illegal immigrants and undocumented workers from federal authorities and border patrol agents.

CALIFORNIA CHAOS: Federal Judge SIDES WITH TRUMP on Border Wall Construction

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.28.18

President Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico got one step closer to construction this week, with a federal judge ruling against environmental activists and the state of California who challenged the physical barrier; claiming the “wall” would severely harm the region’s ecosystem.

US District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel ruled in favor of the Trump administration; swiping down a case that claimed a “border wall” would seriously violate existing environmental protection laws.

The President hailed the court’s decision on social media Wednesday morning, writing “I have decided that sections of the Wall that California wants built NOW will not be built until the whole Wall is approved. Big victory yesterday with ruling from the courts that allows us to proceed. OUR COUNTRY MUST HAVE BORDER SECURITY!”

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra slammed the court’s ruling, accusing the Trump administration of committing “federal overreach.”

“A medieval wall along the U.S.-Mexico border simply does not belong in the 21st century,” Becerra said.

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