FLASHBACK: Adam Schiff Called for FISA 'TRANSPARENCY' on Russian TV in 2013

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.06.18

Leading Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff hasn’t pulled any punches on his vicious attacks against House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes’ decision to release the controversial FISA memo last week; conveniently forgetting his calls for “greater FISA transparency’ on a Russian-owned television network in 2013.

Schiff made a largely-forgettable appearance on the Kremlin-backed cable network ‘RT America’ in 2013, where the liberal legislator called for more “transparency” at the FISA courts so that the “American people can understand what is being done in their name and in the name of national security.”

“I think this can be accomplished while also maintaining sources and methods, and not compromising some of the very real national security concerns at stake,” he added.

Schiff’s comments from less than five years ago are in striking contrast to his fiery rhetoric in recent days, where the left-wing lawmaker claimed the memo’s release “damaged national security” and made US citizens less likely to report terrorists to the FBI.

Watch Schiff’s stunning hypocrisy above.