FIREWORKS: Sean Hannity SCORCHES CNN'S PRESIDENT After Attacking Fox News

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.22.18

Sean Hannity didn’t hold back while addressing CNN President Jeff Zucker’s vicious attacks on Fox News Thursday, politely informing the left-leaning executive that anti-CNN chants at rallies throughout the country are no accident.

Hannity fired-back at Zucker for comments he made while addressing a media conference Thursday, labeling Fox News a “complete propaganda machine” for the Trump White House; adding “the idea that they are a news channel is not the case at all.”

The Fox News host slammed the CNN executive within minutes, unloading on the liberal network for its non-stop anti-Trump coverage, saying, “Jeff, there is a reason crowds chant ‘CNN Sucks.’

“We interrupt our 24-7 Stormy Daniels hate Trump coverage…….. CNN Fake News. Jeff, there is a reason crowds chant ‘CNN Sucks,'” tweeted Hannity.