FIREWORKS: Huckabee Sanders ROASTS CNN’s Jim Acosta to His Face

posted by Hannity Staff - 1.12.18

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders roasted CNN’s Jim Acosta during Thursday’s press briefing, telling the correspondent that he’s likely “disappointed” that President Trump doesn’t watch CNN and mocking the network’s lagging television ratings.

“If you’re a ‘Dreamer’ out there, should you have confidence that this President is going to reach an agreement that will protect you from being deported?” asked Acosta.

“You should. I think you saw that. You guys got to come into the room in a pretty unprecedented way, and sat in there for almost an hour listening to the President talk about it, listening to the President commit to getting a solution on this. Right now, we’re counting on Republicans and Democrats to come together,” responded Sanders.

“Quick follow up on FISA. There seems to be a pattern… where the President watches something on Fox & Friends and then he tweets about it,” added CNN’s senior White House correspondent. “Is that what happened this morning?”

“I’m sure you’re disappointed he’s not watching CNN,” joked the Press Secretary, with audible gasps heard throughout the briefing room. “Your numbers would be higher.”

Watch Sanders mock CNN’s Acosta above.