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Fight Carpal Tunnel and Keep Your Forearms Strong With This Hand Exerciser

posted by Mark Myerson - 10.02.20

From using a smartphone to eating dinner, your hands play a vital role in everything you do. It makes sense to keep them healthy and strong.

With FlexEx Hand Exercisers, you can get a full fingers-and-hand workout whenever you have a couple of spare minutes. These mini resistance bands can also help you build stronger forearms. Right now, Hannity viewers can pick up a set of three for just $9.99.

You only really notice how useful your hands are when they don’t function normally. If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, battle with tennis elbow, or have lots of repetitive motions in your average day, exercising your hands is essential. Made right here in the USA, FlexEx Hand Exercisers are perfect for post-injury rehab and general strengthening. 

Each exerciser band has five arms — one for each finger — each ending with a loop. To work your hand, you simply put your fingers through the loops and start stretching the FlexEx. The stretchy material resists your effort, helping to work the muscles in your hand and forearm. 

This set contains three exercisers, each offering a different level of resistance. Yellow is light, making it good for gentle rehab. Orange is medium, which works well as the next step. Red offers the most resistance, helping you gain strength.

The pack is worth $14.99, but you can pick up these FlexEx Hand Exercisers today for just $9.99

Looking for something more challenging? You can also get the same deal on the Sport set to increase strength and flexibility with higher levels of resistance.


FlexEx® Ultimate Hand Exerciser Triple Pack (Health) – $9.99

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Prices subject to change. 

SQUAD REACTS: Tlaib Rips Trump’s CoVID Diagnosis, Says ‘Only Cares About Himself,’ Promotes ‘Deadly Lies’

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.02.20

So-called ‘Squad Member’ Rep. Rashida Tlaib viciously attacked President Trump Friday after learning of his CoVID diagnosis; saying he “only cares about himself” and promotes “deadly lies” to the American people.

“He still won’t wear a mask. He only cares about himself and his life, NOT those around him or the people he took an oath to protect. Too many lives lost because of his deadly lies,” Tlaib wrote.


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi also weighed-in Friday on the President’s positive diagnosis for CoVID-19; saying his behavior was a “brazen invitation for something like this to happen.”

“I always pray for the president’s family, that they’re safe. I know he’ll have the best of care,” said Pelosi. “Going into crowds unmasked and all the rest was sort of a brazen invitation for something like this to happen.”

“It might be a learning experience,” she added. “This is tragic. It’s very sad.”

Watch Pelosi’s comments above.

SUPERCUT! Jim ‘CAN'T RECALL’ Comey Pretends He Has No Memory of Russia Probe Details

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.01.20

Former FBI boss James Comey testified before Congress Wednesday to face tough questions over his role in the agency’s Russia-probe; deflecting questions and claiming to have no knowledge of the investigation he oversaw.

“Did Mr. Page deny knowing people that you accused him of having contact with?” asked Sen. Graham.

“I don’t remember,” said Comey. “I don’t recall.”

“I don’t remember any discussion, I don’t remember using that word,” he added.

“I don’t’ remember anything about the facts that have been released recently,” Comey told Congress. “That does not ring any bells… I don’t remember receiving anything that’s described in that letter.”

Watch the montage above.

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