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Feeling the Heat? This Neckband Fan Provides a Cool Breeze on Demand

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.23.21

Summer is almost here, and for most of us, that means soaking in the sun in the great outdoors. However, in some parts of the nation, summer means searing heat. Something as simple as a short walk to the convenience store can leave you sweating like an Olympic marathon runner. 

The Cool Blades Neckband Fan offers a simple solution. This wearable device delivers a cool breeze on demand, making your outdoor excursions that much more bearable. In a special deal for Hannity viewers, you can pick up a two-pack today for just $69.99. That is 65% off the standard retail price.

With arteries and veins near the surface, your neck is one of the most temperature-sensitive parts of your body. In winter, putting on a scarf can make you feel much warmer. In summer, the Neckband Fan does the opposite, keeping those sensitive hot-spots cool

This ingenious device contains dual fans, which pump out a constant stream of air. You can choose from three different speed settings, and the design ensures an even distribution of cooling breeze around your neck. The Neckband Fan is powered by an internal 1,800mAh rechargeable battery. On a full charge, this provides up to six hours of cooling. 

The design is fairly low profile, with a soft silicone frame to protect the nape of your neck. It’s also surprisingly light, weighing just 7.7 ounces. Because the fan blades are tucked away, you can use the Neckband Fan safely even if you have long hair.

You would normally expect to pay $199 for a set of two Neckband Fans. But with this deal, you can get a two-pack for just $69.99 with USB chargers included.


Cool Blades Neckband Fan (Black/2-Pack) – $69.99

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Prices subject to change 

Deal: Pick Up $45 of Free eGiftcards When You Sign Up for a Sam’s Club Membership

posted by Mark Myerson - 10.23.20

In most stores, the price you pay is split between the store, a middle man, and the supplier. But what if you could go straight to the warehouse?

That’s the idea behind Sam’s Club, a membership club that offers premium-quality products at remarkably low prices. In a special deal for Hannity viewers, you can join today for one year and get your money back in eGiftcards. 

Joining a club to go shopping might sound like an unusual idea, but members of Sam’s Club clearly feel the value. There are now 559 warehouses in 44 states across the country — so you are probably near one right now. And with what’s sure to be another ’bout of stay-at-home orders this winter, who knows what stores you’ll be able to get to or which products people will wind up hoarding. At Sam’s Club, you can stock up now and ignore all of that noise later. 

If you sign up, you can expect significant savings on groceries, kitchen goods, electronics, furniture, and many other products. To keep prices low on such a wide range, Sam’s Club uses a limited-item model. 

Some locations have gas stations and car washes, meaning further savings. Members of Sam’s Club also get free flat tire repair, battery testing, and wiper blade installation. 

One year of Standard membership is $45, which includes complimentary membership for a second person in your household. With the current offer, you get $45 in eGiftcards delivered to your email address within a month of joining. In other words, you can pretty much sign up free.

Sound good? Head over to the deal page to learn more and get started.


Sam’s Club Membership + $45 eGiftcards – $45

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Prices subject to change 

Get Over 30 Hours of Project Management Training for Just $60 Today

posted by Mark Myerson - 4.05.21

In the world of work, bigger paychecks generally come with greater responsibilities. To achieve six figures, you will probably need to take on a leadership role.

The Complete 2021 Superstar Project Manager Bundle helps you prepare, with 12 courses covering all the major frameworks used in business today. Each course is $199 individually, but Hannity viewers can get lifetime access to all 12 courses today for $59.99 in a special deal.

Project management skills are very valuable in today’s job market. Even if you have no specific experience, you can build a well-paid career in tech, manufacturing, design, and many other industries.

The only entry requirement is a deep knowledge of the systems used at top companies. Featuring 31.5 hours of video training, this bundle helps you master them all.

Through concise video tutorials, you learn how to manage a team using the Scrum and Agile methodologies, and the Kanban workflow. On a practical level, the courses also show you how to use JIRA software and the Trello online app.

Of course, recruiters will want to see certifications. So along with real-world knowledge, you can pick up everything you need to prepare for and pass the official PMP and Scrum Master exams on your first try.

All the included courses have great reviews, and you learn from instructors such as Paul Ashun — a certified Scrum Master who has worked with companies such as General Electric, Oracle, and HiT Entertainment.

Order today for just $59.99 to get lifetime access to all 12 courses, worth a total of $2,587.


The Complete 2021 Superstar Project Manager Bundle – $59.99

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Prices subject to change 


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