ECONOMICS 101: Bill Gates Says Cortez, Dems ‘Missing the Picture’ with 70% Tax Proposal

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.12.19

Microsoft founder and global philanthropist Bill Gates threw more cold-water on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ 70% tax proposal this week; saying the liberal lawmaker was “missing the picture” by imposing stiff taxes on wealthy Americans.

Gates was speaking with technology-focused podcast The Verge when he was asked to weigh-in on the Democrats’ recent push to impose a 70% to 90% tax rate on high-income earners.

“Certainly, the idea of government being more effective in terms of how it runs education or social programs, there’s a lot of opportunity for improvement there,” said Gates.

“In terms of revenue collection, you wouldn’t want to just focus on the ordinary income rate, because people who are wealthy have a rounding error of ordinary income,” he added.

“If you focus on that, you’re missing the picture,” concluded the Microsoft founder.

Read the full story at Fox News.

CORTEZ CONFUSION: Cortez Says Government Will ‘JUST PAY FOR’ Free Healthcare, College

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.06.18

Socialist superstar and potential Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez left economists and legislators scratching their heads this week; bizarrely saying the federal government will “just pay for it” regarding universal healthcare and free college.

Cortez was speaking with Jorge Ramos when he pressed the left-wing politician over whether she planned to raise taxes to pay for her ‘Medicare for All’ program, with initial estimates saying the entitlement would likely cost a whopping $32 trillion over ten years.

“People often say, like, how are you going to pay for it and I find the question so puzzling because ‘How do you pay for something that’s more affordable? How do you pay for cheaper rent?’ You just pay for it,” she said. “We’re paying more now.”

CORTEZ: American Millennials are ‘Killing Paper Napkins, Diamond Rings, Avocado Toast’

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.14.18

Incoming Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a cryptic message on social media Thursday; saying American millennials are “killing” a series of unrelated items; including “paper napkins” and “avocado toast.”

“On top of paper napkins, diamond rings, & avocado toast-mortgage payments, Millennials are also Killing: Unpaid Internships, Inaction on Climate Change, Corporate Money in Politics, Backroom tax rules to secretly hamstring progressive legislation,” posted the future congresswoman from New York City.

Cortez’ comments come just weeks after she came under fire for comparing the Central American ‘migrant caravan’ in Tijuana with “Jewish families” fleeing Nazi persecution during the Second World War.

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