DNC DISASTER: Democrats ‘STRUGGLE’ to Settle on 2018 Midterm Message

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.18.18

Congressional Democrats and liberal pundits across the country are struggling to settle on a unified message heading into the 2018 midterms, with party leaders trying to appease their left-wing base while appealing to Republican-leaning regions needed to retake the House.

Democratic infighting has been raging for months as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer work around-the-clock to cobble together a party platform that appeals to both progressives and moderate voters.

“A debate about an attack plan for the November elections pits two party factions that have been competing for dominance,” writes Bloomberg. “The establishment wing wants to run on safe issues like rising health care costs and opposition to the GOP tax overhaul. The party’s progressive movement sees a rare opening to re-imagine the Democratic agenda with more daring proposals.”

Despite the “one big unifying factor” of outright opposition to President Trump, it remains unclear how the Democratic party plans to appease gun control activists and Obamacare supporters with Republican-leaning districts.