DEVELOPING: Trump Campaign Raises $3.1M on First Day of Public Impeachment Hearing

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.14.19

The Trump campaign raked-in a surprising $3.1 million on the first day of the Democrats’ public impeachment hearings; raising alarm bells lawmakers’ efforts to remove him from office could spark a national backlash.

“WOW! $3,144,257 RAISED YESTERDAY!@realDonaldTrump loves these huge numbers. He knows that it isn’t enough to end this IMPEACHMENT SCAM. We’re upping the goal to $5 MILLION! ALL DONATIONS WILL NOW BE TRIPLE-MATCHED! Donate below,” posted Brad Parscale, Trump’s 2020 campaign manager.


“Other pro-Trump groups also saw a spike in donations. Linda McMahon, chair of the America First Action PAC board of directors, previously told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto that the group had raised about $1 million each day in the week after Pelosi announced the impeachment inquiry,” reports Fox News.

“That speaks, I think, volumes to how people are rallying around the president,” she said.

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Source: Fox News