DEVELOPING: ICE to Release More Migrants to Comply with Legal ‘Timeframe’ for Detainees

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.27.18

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency released a statement this week after releasing hundreds of Central American migrants on the streets of Texas and New Mexico; saying they are complying with a federally mandated “timeframe” for detained families

“To mitigate the risk of holding family units past the timeframe allotted to the government, ICE has curtailed reviews of post-release plans from families apprehended along the southwest border,” the statement read. “ICE continues to work with local and state officials and NGO partners in the area so they are prepared to provide assistance with transportation or other services.”

The announcement comes after the agency released over 1,000 immigrants during the Christmas holiday; sparking criticism from local officials and charities coping with the influx of the Central American asylum seekers.

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