DERANGED: Democrat Group Demands 'Mueller Should Arrest Trump' in Bizarre Video

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.26.18

A leading Democratic ‘resistance’ organization escalated its war-of-words with the White House this holiday season; demanding special counsel Robert Mueller “arrest” Donald Trump while chanting “We wish you a Mueller Christmas” on social media.

“Mueller should arrest Trump. Retweet if you agree. Then listen to the song we did titled: ‘We wish you a Mueller Christmas,’ sang by patriots in The Resistance, including @Funder,” tweeted Democratic Coalition, a group describing themselves as the “nation’s largest grassroots Resistance organization.”

The reaction on social media was swift, with users slamming the post as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” at its worst.

“That is one serious case of TDS you’ve got,” wrote one critic. “I recommend seeking psychiatric help, you’re clearly not missing a few pieces of wood for your rocker.”


posted by Hannity Staff - 7.19.18

Senator Rand Paul utterly unloaded on his Congressional colleagues Thursday, saying “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has “officially” taken over the Senate and forced his fellow legislators to prefer “war to diplomacy.”

Paul was speaking on the Senate floor when he slammed those critical of Trump’s historic Helsinki Summit, saying “hatred for the President is so intense that partisans would rather risk war than give diplomacy a chance.”

“Trump Derangement Syndrome has officially come to the Senate. The hatred for the President is so intense that partisans would rather risk war than give diplomacy a chance,” said Paul.

“Does anyone remember that Ronald Reagan sat down with Gorbachev and we lessened the nuclear tensions? We need to have those openings. Nobody is saying or excusing Russia’s meddling in our elections,” he added.

Watch Paul’s comments above.

A NEW LOW: Media Suggests ‘Missing Melania’ a Result of Trump’s ‘DOMESTIC ABUSE’

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.05.18

The mainstream media’s full-fledged meltdown regarding President Trump took a disturbing turn this week, with some in the press suggesting Melania’s recovery from kidney surgery may be a cover-up to conceal “domestic abuse.”

Jamil Smith, a senior writer for Rolling Stone magazine, led the charge over the weekend, saying he “suspects” the First Lady’s absence could be the result of “concealing abuse.”

Atlantic senior editor David Frum also suggested the President may be using the Secret Service to help conceal potential abuse, writing “Suppose President Trump punched the First Lady in the White House (federal property = federal jurisdiction), then ordered the Secret Service to conceal the assault.”

“Mainstream media members jumped the shark and took Trump Derangement Syndrome to new heights by concocting tales of domestic abuse when trying to determine first lady Melania Trump’s whereabouts before she showed up to a White House event on Monday night,” writes Fox News.

Read the full story here.

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