DACA DISASTER: ‘Dreamers’ CALL OUT Hypocritical DEMOCRATS on Immigration Failure

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.08.18

Things went from bad to worse for liberal legislators Thursday afternoon on the issue of immigration, with several prominent ‘Dreamers’ calling out hypocritical Democrats for their total inaction on striking a deal with President Trump on Obama’s DACA program.

“They don’t walk their talk,” said a 20-year-old Dreamer. “We’re tired of it. We’re tired of believing them when they say, ‘It’s the Republicans.’ They make promises when they’re in an election, and when it’s over they’re done and don’t do anything.”

“I’ve decided to put my faith in my community [of Dreamers] and not in the Democrats,” she added.

Large numbers of DACA-recipients are beginning to abandon the Democratic Party in troves after liberal lawmakers essentially abandoned the Obama-era program during the ‘Schumer Shutdown.’

“The Democrats made the calculation to kick the can down the road and allow hundreds of thousands of us undocumented youth to live in uncertainty,” said a protester outside the DNC Monday. “We are anxious, and we are scared of being torn away from our homes and our community.”

President Trump remains hopeful a deal can be reached on the Obama-era program before it expires, telling ‘The Latino Coalition’ just this week that a “deal on DACA” can be achieved, but that “Democrats are nowhere to be found.”