COMEY RETURNS: Former FBI Boss RESURFACES, Swipes at President Trump

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.28.18

Former FBI Director James Comey re-emerged from semi-retirement this week to take a swipe at President Trump; shamelessly promoting his upcoming audiobook on social media and sarcastically writing, “this time there will be a tape.”

The former bureau boss posted a picture of himself on twitter Tuesday evening, informing his followers that his “audio book is almost finished,” adding “Lordy, this time there will be a tape.”

Comey’s comments reference similar statements he made during his Congressional testimony last year, where he told lawmakers he “hoped” President Trump kept secret recordings of private conversations held in the Oval Office.

The blowback on social media was immediate, with one user sarcastically asking the bureau’s top brass, “Do you admit in the book to being responsible for this mess?”

The former FBI boss made headlines earlier this year when he officially announced he would be teaching a course on “ethical leadership” at the College of William and Mary in the coming months.