COMEY GOES CRAZY: Fired FBI Boss Publishes Vicious Op-Ed, Says Trump ‘Eats Your SOUL’

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.01.19

Disgraced former FBI boss James Comey published a scathing op-ed Wednesday regarding Robert Mueller’s final report; blasting President Trump and viciously claiming the Commander-in-Chief slowly “eats your soul.”

“What happened to these people?” asked Comey, referencing Attorney General William Barr and outgoing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. “I don’t know for sure. People are complicated, so the answer is most likely complicated. But I have some idea from four months of working close to Mr. Trump and many more months of watching him shape others.”

“Proximity to an amoral leader reveals something depressing. I think that’s at least part of what we’ve seen with Bill Barr and Rod Rosenstein. Accomplished people lacking inner strength can’t resist the compromises necessary to survive Mr. Trump and that adds up to something they will never recover from,” adds Comey.

“Mr. Trump eats your soul in small bites,” he concludes.

Read Comey’s full op-ed at the New York Times.

COMEY RETURNS: Disgraced FBI Boss Pens Scathing Op-Ed, Says Trump ‘UNFIT’ to be President

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.22.19

Former FBI Director James Comey penned a scathing op-ed for the New York Times this week; saying he “believes” Donald Trump is “unfit to be the President of the United States” ahead of Robert Mueller’s impending report.

“The country is eagerly awaiting the special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Many people know what they want it to say — what they feel it simply must say — namely, that Donald Trump is a criminal who should be removed from office. Or that he is completely innocent of all wrongdoing,” writes Comey.

“Even though I believe Mr. Trump is morally unfit to be president of the United States, I’m not rooting for Mr. Mueller to demonstrate that he is a criminal. I’m also not rooting for Mr. Mueller to ‘clear’ the president. I’m not rooting for anything at all, except that the special counsel be permitted to finish his work,” he adds.

President Trump urged the Attorney General Thursday to publicly release the special counsel’s findings; saying “let it come out” and allow the American people to “see it.”

Read Comey’s full op-ed here.

COMEY RETURNS: Former FBI Boss RESURFACES, Swipes at President Trump

posted by Hannity Staff - 2.28.18

Former FBI Director James Comey re-emerged from semi-retirement this week to take a swipe at President Trump; shamelessly promoting his upcoming audiobook on social media and sarcastically writing, “this time there will be a tape.”

The former bureau boss posted a picture of himself on twitter Tuesday evening, informing his followers that his “audio book is almost finished,” adding “Lordy, this time there will be a tape.”

Comey’s comments reference similar statements he made during his Congressional testimony last year, where he told lawmakers he “hoped” President Trump kept secret recordings of private conversations held in the Oval Office.

The blowback on social media was immediate, with one user sarcastically asking the bureau’s top brass, “Do you admit in the book to being responsible for this mess?”

The former FBI boss made headlines earlier this year when he officially announced he would be teaching a course on “ethical leadership” at the College of William and Mary in the coming months.

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