CLASS WAR! Sen. Warren Thinks Mike Bloomberg is Running for President to Avoid Her ‘Wealth Tax’

posted by Hannity Staff - 11.26.19

Rising Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren swiped at billionaire Mike Bloomberg on the campaign trail in Iowa Tuesday; suggesting the former Mayor of New York is running for president to avoid her “Ultra Wealth Tax.”

“Some billionaires figured it might be cheaper to run for president than pay my #WealthTax. Well they don’t have the power of a grassroots movement—and in our democracy, I believe in the power of people over money,” posted Warren on social media.

“Some billionaires are deeply distressed, go on TV and cry. Others call their billionaire friends and urge them to run for president. Some people have figured out it would be a lot cheaper spending $200 million just buying the presidency instead of paying that two-cent wealth tax,” she told the crowd.

Watch Warren in Iowa above.