CASH TO BERN? Biden Campaign SLAMS ‘Medicare for All,’ Says Program Will Cost 30 TIMES More

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.31.19

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden threw more cold-water on his challengers’ ‘Medicare for All’ proposal Wednesday; saying the program would likely cost 30 times more than the former Vice President’s plan.

“Let’s clear up the confusion about Medicare for All. We have the facts:
Costs 30x more than @JoeBiden’s plan
Only fully paid for by raising middle class taxes
No option to keep your current insurance from your employer@JoeBiden has a better plan: http://JoeBiden.com/HealthCare,” posted the Biden campaign.

Progressive and moderate Democrats squared-off Tuesday night on the first round of CNN’s presidential debates; with centrist lawmakers calling far-left policies “fairytale economics.”

“The ideological divide between Democratic presidential hopefuls came into focus Tuesday as leading progressive candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren defended their liberal policies on healthcare and immigration against surprisingly energetic attacks from moderate rivals,” reports Yahoo News.

“The fault lines emerged immediately in the second debate of the 2020 Democratic primary race, with lesser-known candidates taking sharp digs and warning that forcing radical change could ensure President Donald Trump’s re-election,” adds the website.

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders repeatedly called for massive, “structural” change to the US economy and political system on issues including Wall Street, healthcare, taxation, immigration, and more.

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden will share the stage Thursday with Senator Kamala Harris; clearing the path for a potential rematch from weeks ago.