CARVILLE GOES OFF! Strategist Warns Dems Hemorrhaging Hispanic Support, 'We're Gonna F--king Lose 'Em!' [WATCH]

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.13.24

During an appearance on Donny Deutsch’s On Brand podcast, political strategist James Carville warned that the Democratic Party is losing males — specifically Hispanic males because “Democratic culture has too many preachy females.”

“We have a huge male problem all across the board, but particularly, I hate this term but I’ll use it, ‘communities of color,’ as if all people are not white the same. It’s stupid,” Carville continued. “And I do think, and people got a little upset with me when I told The New York Times, I think Democratic culture has too many preachy females. It’s too much, ‘Don’t eat hamburgers, don’t watch football, wear a condom.’ Like, man, shit, leave me alone, okay? I’ve got a goddamn life to lead. You know, a guy works at a tire repair shop in suburban Atlanta, motherfucker’s working 50 hours a week, making $16.50 an hour, and he wants to watch the football game, and he wants to smoke dope and drink beer.”

“And then everybody’s telling him he’s slothful and they reject that shit,” he added. “I just think some of it is this cosmopolitan condensation, if you will. Like, you need to lead the kind of life we lead, not the kind of life you lead, and it pisses people off.”

Deutsch told Carville that where Democrats are struggling, Trump seems to excel.

Carville agreed, adding, “We’re gonna lose Hispanic males. We’re gonna fuckin’ lose ’em.”

Watch the clip below:

Recent polling suggests that Democrats are losing the support of historically reliable groups such as Black Americans and Hispanic Americans due to President Biden’s inability to bring down inflation and his lawless border policies.

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