CALIFORNIA REVOLT: Three More Towns VOTE OUT of ‘Sanctuary City’ Disaster

posted by Hannity Staff - 4.12.18

Three more cities have officially opted out of California’s unconstitutional ‘Sanctuary’ policies; joining the Trump administration in its courtroom battle against the Golden State’s illegal law that shields undocumented immigrants from federal agents.

According to Fox News, the Newport Beach city council voted unanimously to challenge California’s hot-button law; joining “a dozen” other municipalities that are currently considering their options to waive the statewide policy.

“It’s a tool in the toolbox for our police to help keep criminals off the street,” Newport Beach Councilman Scott Peotter said. 

The local politician then slammed Governor Jerry Brown and his refusal to cooperate with the Trump administration; adding the Governor was sending his National Guard to the border but “not for immigration.”

“You listen to Jerry Brown, and he’s sending [troops] there for other reasons. Not for immigration purposes,” he said. “In either event, the troops end up being at the border.”