CALIFORNIA CHAOS: Residents REVOLT Over Plans for Homeless ‘TENT CITY’

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.26.18

Residents in Orange County, California are up-in-arms over a proposed plan to house the region’s ballooning homeless population in a massive “tent city” next to a frequently used public park; prompting locals to force the Board of Supervisors to vote on the legislation this week.

According to Fox News, the Orange County Board of Supervisors is set to meet Tuesday to discuss the plan, which would house at least 400 people in make-shift tents near the Santa Ana river just 40 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

“I hate to say this but the homeless that are planning to come here really represent the worst of them because they’re the ones that aren’t following the rules, that don’t want to give up the drugs, that don’t want to accept services or housing,” Irvine Commissioner Anthony Kuo told CBS LA. “And to put those across the street from sports fields and a senior community in my mind is just an incompatible use.”

“I’m OK with helping homeless, but we need to solve the problem, not move the problem from one city to another,” added one resident.

The move is the latest liberal proposal to come under fire as California residents struggle to get a grip on rising homelessness, soaring crime rates, and the increasing financial burdens imposed by the state’s ‘Sanctuary City’ policies.