CALIFORNIA CHAOS: Federal Judge BLOCKS Trump’s Fight to End ‘Sanctuary Cities’

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.05.18

A federal judge officially blocked the Trump administration’s quest to crackdown on California’s ‘Sanctuary City’ policies Thursday; rebuking the White House’s efforts to stop local municipalities from shielding illegal immigrants from federal agents.

According to Politico, U.S. District Court Judge John Mendez of Sacramento rebuked the President’s attempts to fight the state’s ‘Sanctuary’ policies, stopping the Dept. of Justice’s efforts to retrieve detailed information from California officials regarding undocumented workers.

“While the ruling is a setback for the Trump administration’s attempt to enforce immigration laws in states where leaders favor more liberal policies, Mendez did block parts of one of the disputed California laws, including provisions that banned private employers from voluntarily cooperating with immigration officials and from re-verifying the legal work status of employees,” writes Politico.

“Refusing to help is not the same as impeding,” wrote the judge’s decision. “Federal objectives will always be furthered if states offer to assist federal efforts. A state’s decision not to assist in those activities will always make the federal object more difficult to attain than it would be otherwise. Standing aside does not equate to standing in the way.”

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