Pelosi Caves to GOP, Will Support Bipartisan Border Bill, Progressives ENRAGED

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.27.19

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi caved to mounting pressure from Republicans, moderates, and centrist Democrats Thursday; saying she will support a bipartisan border funding bill despite widespread opposition from progressives in her own party.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi abruptly backed down Thursday from her push to include restrictions on immigration enforcement in a must-pass border funding bill, moving instead to bring a bipartisan Senate version for a vote following intense pressure from Republicans and moderates in her own party,” reports Fox News.

“At stake is a critical $4.5 billion bill to combat the humanitarian crisis at the southern border, which lawmakers want to pass before Congress leaves for the July 4 recess. The Senate already approved its bill 84-8 on Wednesday, after rejecting an earlier House version,” adds Fox.

“In order to get resources to the children fastest, we will reluctantly pass the Senate bill. As we pass the Senate bill, we will do so with a Battle Cry as to how we go forward to protect children in a way that truly honors their dignity and worth,” Pelosi told her colleagues.

Progressives -including Rep. Ocasio-Cortez- railed against Pelosi’s decision.

“Under no circumstances should the House vote for a McConnell-only bill w/ no negotiation with Democrats. Hell no,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., tweeted. “That’s an abdication of power we should refuse to accept. They will keep hurting kids if we do.”

“The Shelby-Leahy legislation has unified the Appropriations Committee. It has unified the Senate. The administration would sign it into law,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said in a statement. “So all our House colleagues need to do to help the men, women, and children on the border this week is pass this unifying bipartisan bill and send it on to the president.”

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