BORDER CHAOS: Federal Agents Stop 100,000 Migrants in APRIL ALONE, Highest Since 2007

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.08.19

Federal Agents stopped nearly 100,000 migrants attempting to illegally enter the United States in April alone; reaching levels not seen since 2007 and raising new questions over security along the US-Mexico border.

“A total 109,144 people were encountered at the border in April. On top of the 99,000 unauthorized crossings, another 10,000 people attempted to pass through border crossings but were turned away,” reports the Washington Examiner.

“Roughly 60% of that figure — 58,474 — were families and 9% — 8,897 — were unaccompanied children. The remaining 31,606 people arrested were single adults,” adds the author.

The statistics come weeks after President Trump declared a “national emergency” along the US-Mexico border; effectively bypassing Congress to obtain funding for his long-promised border wall.

Read the full report at the Washington Examiner.