Bad Sign for Biden: Images Appear on Social Media of Joe Biden’s Empty Watch Parties in Philly

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.21.19

Images appeared on social media this week of former Vice President Joe Biden’s lackluster debate watch parties in Philadelphia; raising serious new concerns in a state he desperately needs to win to take the White House.

“He was hosting a presidential debate-watching party for Joe Biden supporters just blocks from the former vice president’s national campaign headquarters. He didn’t expect a big crowd, but in the end only one other person showed up,” reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“The two men watched in silence and both left before the three-hour debate ended. A reporter turned off the TV on her way out. Bradford’s was one of three watch parties within a 20-mile radius of Center City registered with the campaign. None drew more than seven people,” adds the newspaper.

“The Twitter Democrats are a very small subset of the Democratic Party,” said U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle (D.,Pa.), who supports Biden. “They are a much younger, more educated, wealthier, whiter subset — they’re important but let’s not make the mistake of extrapolating that they are the party.”

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