BACK to BUSINESS: Hundreds of Business Owners Submit Videos Urging the Country to ‘Re-Open’ to Survive the Virus Crisis

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.27.20

Hundreds of small businesses across the United States submitted personal messages to Americans for Limited Government this week; urging the federal government to re-open the country so workers can survive the ongoing Coronavirus crisis and support their fellow Americans.

“30 million small businesses form the backbone of America’s free enterprise economy, and many have been financially devastated by the health emergency driven economic shutdown.  Health clinics, home builders, car detailers, realtors and virtually every other local Main Street businesses are teetering on the brink of disaster and if America loses these businesses, it will ensure a very long recession.  The 100+ businesses featured in the videos  represent more than $1 billion in revenue and 1,000 employees,” said Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government.

“President Trump is right to emphasize the need to get America back to work soon, these videos show more than 100 American business people whose small businesses are in danger of bankruptcy due to the health emergency shutdown,” he added.

“The President wisely has taken steps to protect America from the initial projections of over a million deaths putting measures in place which mitigate against this disaster, the impact of the economic reaction to the virus threatens to destroy millions of lives by driving them out of business and already throwing 3.2 million Americans into the unemployment lines.  At some point in the very near future, the President will need to begin urging a return to normalcy as the economic and personal damage done by the cure exceeds the potential harm from the virus,” Manning concluded.

Watch the touching footage above.

Read the full report here.

'SICKENING': Backlash Grows Against Denver Democrat Who Supported Spreading Coronavirus at MAGA Rallies

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.03.20

Denver’s Democratic Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca is facing a growing backlash on social media this week after calling for those sick with the deadly Coronavirus to intentionally spread the disease at ‘Make America Great Again’ rallies.

“Democrat Denver Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca says that she stands in ‘solidarity’ with someone who says that they if they get the coronavirus that they will attend as many Trump rallies as possible She appears to have made the statement on her government Twitter account,” posted a reporter with the Daily Wire.


“These people are sick,” posted Donald Trump Jr.

“This elected Democrat in Colorado doesn’t seem very nice!” the Trump campaign War Room Twitter account posted in response.

Read the full report here.

Source: Fox News

A NEW LOW: NY Times Article Blames Coronavirus Outbreak on ‘Evangelicals’ and Religious Americans

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.30.20

A sickening new article published by the New York Times Friday viciously claims the “road to Coronavirus hell” was “paved by Evangelicals” and other religious Americans; directly blaming hundreds of deaths and thousands of infections on people of faith.

“Donald Trump rose to power with the determined assistance of a movement that denies science, bashes government and prioritized loyalty over professional expertise. In the current crisis, we are all reaping what that movement has sown,” writes Katherine Stewart.

“By all accounts, President Trump’s tendency to trust his gut over the experts on issues like vaccines and climate change does not come from any deep-seated religious conviction. But he is perfectly in tune with the religious nationalists who form the core of his base. In his daily briefings from the White House, Mr. Trump actively disdains and contradicts the messages coming from his own experts and touts as yet unproven cures,” adds the author.

“When a strong centralized response is needed from the federal government, it doesn’t help to have an administration that has never believed in a federal government serving the public good. Ordinarily, the consequences of this kind of behavior don’t show up for some time. In the case of a pandemic, the consequences are too obvious to ignore,” Stewart concludes.

Read the full story at the New York Times.

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