BACK AT BAT: Steve Scalise Ready to Play Congressional Baseball Game Two Years After Assassination Attempt

posted by Hannity Staff - 6.26.19

Rep. Steve Scalise is once-again ready to take part in the Congressional Baseball match Wednesday night; rejoining the annual event two-years after he was shot while practicing for the game.

“It’s been quite a road,” he told Fox News’ Carley Shimkus. “I can definitely feel how much better I am now, especially than last year. I’m still lucky to be alive but able to move around a whole lot better,” said Scalise.

Scalise was seriously injured when a lone gunman -identified as James Hodgkinson- fired 50 bullets at lawmakers before being fatally shot by police.

“Scalise, who still uses crutches to get around, credits his security guards with saving his life, as well as Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, who formerly worked as a trauma surgeon and quickly applied a tourniquet to stop Scalise’s bleeding. Scalise’s security, David Bailey and Crystal Griner, will both attend the 2019 Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday, the congressman said,” reports Fox News.

“It was amazing how that removed so much of the anxiety and all of a sudden I was calm, and I knew that God was taking care of me, and boy did he ever,” added Scalise on the power of prayer during the mass shooting.

“The Republican Congressional Baseball Team’s manager, Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas, was also present on the day of the shooting in 2017. He said he’s been working hard to prepare the politicians for this year’s event, even starting off the day with 6 a.m. practices,” adds Fox.

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