AMERICAN HERO: Officer ‘CHARGED’ at School Shooter Within Seconds

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.16.18

New details are emerging over the potentially deadly school shooting in Dixon, Illinois Wednesday, with local police confirming the school officer “charged towards the suspect” after he opened fire near the gymnasium.

Dixon Police Chief Steve Howell commended the officer at a press conference Wednesday, saying his “heroic actions” saved countless lives at the Dixon High School earlier that day.

“I could not be more proud of the police officer. Because of his heroic actions, many lives were saved,” Howell said.

“With shots ringing out in the hallways of the school, he charged toward the suspect and confronted him head on,” he added. “We are forever indebted to his courage and bravery.”

Eyewitness accounts say the suspected shooter attempted to flee the scene after opening fire; but was shot and apprehended after being chased outside the school.

The identities of the school officer and the 19-year old suspect have not yet been released.