80 YEARS LATER: Veterans Share Why ‘Americans Must Unite’ on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.07.21

From Fox News:

As the nation marks the 80th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack against America by Japan on Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2021, veterans around the country shared their thoughts and insights with Fox News Digital, noting the significance of the event all these decades later.  

“When we’re united as a country, we cannot be defeated,” one New York-based veteran, a father of four, told Fox News Digital. “That’s my takeaway. What happened after Pearl Harbor shows that when we stand together, we cannot be beat.”

He added, “A lot of young guys enlisted during World War II to be part of the war effort. Many of them were even underage. They wanted to help this country — to help our country. They wanted us to win. There was a feeling of unity toward a common goal.”  

This same veteran, who served during the Vietnam era, also said, “And if we don’t unite today, we will certainly fall.”

The Pearl Harbor attack against the United States was a surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, at 7:48 a.m. local time, eighty years ago to this day. That attack led to America’s entry into World War II in the Pacific and European theaters. The attack killed 2,403 U.S. personnel, including 68 civilians, and destroyed or damaged 19 U.S. Navy ships, including eight battleships, according to the National World War II Museum. 

A day after the attack, on Dec. 8, 1941, the US declared war on Japan. (The war in Europe ended on May 8, 1945; later that year, on Sept. 2, 1945, formal surrender documents were signed.)

Jeremiah Martin, a US Army veteran from Shelby, Ohio, told Fox News Digital, “The response to the attack on Pearl Harbor represents an American legacy — a legacy of courageous men and women willing to stand up and defend liberty at home and abroad. It’s because the Greatest Generation was willing to stand up to tyranny abroad that my family is able to live in peace and prosperity here at home today.”

Martin added, “I served overseas in the Army in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Inherent Resolve. Today, 80 years after Pearl Harbor, I’m proud to be a part of a longstanding legacy. It’s my hope and prayer that the ‘sleeping giant’ that was awakened 80 years ago will still have the courage, will, and fortitude to pursue peace through strength for generations to come.”

Read the full report at Fox News.

ON THIS DAY: 1941, The Empire of Japan Attacks US Forces at Pearl Harbor, 2400+ Americans Killed

posted by Hannity Staff - 12.07.21

80 years ago today, the Empire of Japan launched a devastating surprise attack against American forces stationed in Hawaii. The bombing thrust the nation into a global conflict that would ultimately kill 80 million people.

This is the story of Pearl Harbor.

July 1941: Washington enacts a strict oil embargo against Tokyo to slow the brutal invasion of eastern Asia. As diplomatic negotiations break down, advisors warn President Franklin Roosevelt of a potential attack against the United States.

With Japan’s oil reserves dwindling, the Emperor decides to act.

At 7:55AM the morning of December 7th, a Japanese dive bomber bearing the emblem of the ‘Rising Sun of Japan’ descends from the clouds above Oahu.

400 warplanes follow closely behind.

In less than 90 minutes, 2403 Americans are killed. 4 battleships are sunk. 200 planes destroyed.

The following day, FDR addressed the nation, referring to the surprise assault as a ‘Date which will live in Infamy’. Congress then approved a Resolution of War between the US and Japan.

The country had officially entered World War 2.

18 YEARS LATER: Hear Sean Hannity’s September 11, 2001 Broadcast Moments After the Attack

posted by Hannity Staff - 9.11.19

18 years ago today, the United States suffered the worst terror attack in the history of the country. 19 hijackers -trained and funded by al Qaeda- crashed four commercial jets into New York City, Northern Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

The attacks took the lives of nearly 3,000 people, injuring 6,000 more in less than two-hours. That’s hundreds more than the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor. The event lead to two prolonged wars in the Middle East and forever changed US foreign policy.

“If you’re just getting into your car, tragedy strikes America. Terrorists apparently hijacking four planes, attacking the World Trade Center and the Pentagon,” said Sean Hannity shorty after the attack.

“We’re going to have to respond in a devastating way,” added Mark Levin.

Listen to Hannity’s broadcast moments after the worst terror attack in American history.

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