CRISIS IN KOREA: Kim Says N. Korea Ready to 'Settle the Score' with Trump

posted by Hannity Staff - 7.07.17

North Korean officials escalated their war of words with President Trump on Wednesday, saying the President had “lit the wick of war” by insulting dictator Kim Jong Un and imposing harsh sanctions against the communist regime.

According to CNBC, North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho –who infamously suggested Kim Jong Un would detonate a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean- slammed President Trump while speaking with a Russian news agency, calling Trump’s comments “bellicose and insane.”

“With his bellicose and insane statement at the United Nations, Trump, you can say, has lit the wick of a war against us,” Ri said. “We need to settle the final score, only with a hail of fire, not words.”

“We have almost reached the last point on the journey towards our final goal – to achieve a real balance of power with the United States,” he added.

The Foreign Minister’s comments come just days after President Trump warned the nation that “25 years” worth of diplomacy have failed to deter Kim from pursuing his nuclear and missile programs, saying negotiations will never stop the dictator from pursuing weapons of mass destruction.

“Our country has been unsuccessfully dealing with North Korea for 25 years, giving billions of dollars & getting nothing. Policy didn’t work!” Trump said Monday.