100% KENNEDY: Dems Demonizing ‘Successful’ Americans While Promoting ‘Class Warfare’

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.28.21

Senator John Kennedy ripped his Democratic colleagues’ latest budget “framework” on Fox News Thursday; saying progressive politicians are demonizing successful Americans while promoting “class warfare.”

“Here’s what I’ve observed. The Democrats are pretty much in total disarray. President Biden is sort of like Kevin Bacon at the end of ‘Animal House,’ when people were stampeding him and he’s saying, ‘calm down, be calm. Everything’s under control.’ They say they have a ‘framework.’ To me, a framework is when your car has two wheels down, its axle dragging, you’re in the ditch, you don’t have any help and you tell your spouse, ‘Honey, I’ve got a framework to get us out of this ditch,” said Kennedy.

“I think people who are successful financially should be applauded, not criticized in America. But I love this term framework. And I’ve seen a little of it. I know this: They’re going to try to crush small business, and they’re making tax policy on the basis of class warfare,” he added.

100% KENNEDY: Joe Biden Needs to Stop Worrying About ‘WOKERS’ and Focus on WORKERS

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.21.21

Senator John Kennedy stopped-by ‘Hannity’ Wednesday night to weigh-in on Joe Biden’s disastrous economic policies; saying the President needs to stop worrying about “Wokers” and start focusing on workers.

“All of these problems are preventable, and they’re about to get a lot worse,” said Hannity.

“This is certainly about more than treadmills. If you have a pulse, and a marginal desire for a better life, you know that President Biden is in trouble,” fired-back Kennedy.

“Measure it anyway you want… No wonder the American people are so angry. So many Americans think that this administration doesn’t care about them or their lives or their future… My advice to the President is this: You’ve got to try harder not to suck,” he added. “Stop worrying so much about the Wokers. You’re never going to make them happy. Stop worrying about the Wokers and start worrying about America’s workers.”

Watch Kennedy’s comments above.

100% KENNEDY: Joe Biden Has Caved to the ‘Woke Leftists’ Who Want to Run Our lives

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.06.21

Senator John Kennedy stopped-by ‘Hannity’ Tuesday night to weigh-in on Joe Biden’s massive spending package; saying “woke leftists” actually believe that Americans are completely incapable of managing their own lives.

“President Biden has dug up more snakes than he can kill. He’s made all these promises. He said he’s a moderate. He’s not. He’s given into the woke left,” said Kennedy. “The woke leftists in his party are refusing to advance the Infrastructure bill.”

“They’re in disarray. Meanwhile, the American people are looking at this with their mouths open. They really think that America can’t survive unless President Biden makes every single decision for Americans about how to run their lives,” he added.

Senator Bernie Sanders is the latest example of Democrat fear-mongering in Congress, accusing Republicans of “plunging the world’s economy into chaos and depression.”

“The Republican Party’s lust for power and political gain is so great that they are prepared to default on the debt they voted for under Trump, and plunge the world’s economy into chaos and depression. To call that ‘irresponsible’ would be a major understatement,” posted Sanders on social media.


Similar rhetoric was deployed by other Democrats as President Biden’s domestic agenda stalls in Congress.

“The Republican position as the party of default has now become so extreme that they’ve blocked every single attempt to prevent a default from happening, putting our country in serious, serious danger,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Watch Kennedy’s comments above.

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