RUSH ON HANNITY: Republicans Will 'HOLD the House, INCREASE the Senate'

posted by Hannity Staff - 10.18.18

In an exclusive interview with Sean Hannity set to air Thursday night, legendary radio host Rush Limbaugh predicts Republicans will likely hold both Houses of Congress after the high-stakes 2018 midterm election.

“We hold the House and increase the Senate,” said Rush. “I think the Democrat Party deserves to lose in the biggest single electoral landslide defeat in my lifetime because of the actions they’ve taken just in the last month.”

Limbaugh’s prediction comes after the Democratic Party’s once double-digit lead in the polls largely evaporated following a brutal confirmation battle surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

“I don’t trust it. It hasn’t been right consistently enough for me,” Limbaugh said of the Democrat advantage. “People doing these surveys desperately want Trump gone. I don’t know how they can take that out of their work.”

Recent polls have Democrats up 11-points on the generic ballot but GOP candidates leading in over 60 “tossup” races.

Don’t miss Hannity’s exclusive interview with Rush Limbaugh 9PM Thursday night.


posted by Hannity Staff - 10.18.18

Legendary radio host Rush Limbaugh is set to sit-down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday night less than three weeks before American voters head to the polls; answering a series of hot-button questions surrounding President Trump, the current state of the Democratic Party, and the pivotal 2018 midterm elections.

Limbaugh confirmed the interview during his radio broadcast Wednesday afternoon, saying he was looking forward to a “good day” featuring some “decent questions.”

“I’m getting some emails asking me about a TV interview. Yes. Sean Hannity is bringing his crew here. He’s gonna be flying down tonight after he finishes his 9 p.m. show on Fox, and they’ll be setting up shop here, and we’re gonna do an interview tomorrow morning prior to this program that’s gonna air tomorrow night on Fox. I think it’s most of the hour. I’m not sure. Depends on how it goes. If I blow it, maybe only a segment or two,” said Rush Wednesday.

“But if I’m on and have a good day and get some decent questions, then it could go for the whole hour. Sean’s gonna bring the commie babe makeup artist, Debra, from the old Rush the TV Show. She’s coming in. My niece, Christen, is coming in. So it’s gonna be a festive atmosphere beginning quite early in the morning. It’s television. It takes ’em a long time to set up. So, yeah, that’ll happen tomorrow,” added the legendary radio host.

Don’t miss Rush Limbaugh live on ‘Hannity’ Thursday at 9PM.

Rush on Hannity: The Left Has 'Hijacked' the NFL

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.10.17

Rush Limbaugh weighed-in on the ongoing controversy swirling around the NFL on ‘Hannity’ Thursday night, telling Sean that left-wing activists have “hijacked the game” to promote their liberal agenda around the country.

“Rush Limbaugh has been one of the strongest voices against NFL players protesting our flag, our national anthem. He is one of the NFL’s biggest fans,” said Sean.

“I woke up Sunday morning after the President made his comments in Alabama, I’m looking at the way the media is covering it and what’s intended to happen on Sunday, and they’ve hijacked this game. The Left has hijacked this game,” said Rush.

“It used to be a respite, it used to be a place you go to escape all this,” he added. “To watch them get caught up in something I don’t think they understand; they’re back-tracking now.”

“Why are they messing around on the side-line? Disrespecting the flag, disrespecting the anthem, what’s the point?” asked Limbaugh. “They’re not accomplishing anything except harming the enterprise. Whatever’s happening in the NFL right now, it’s not how you grow it.”

“[The NFL is] patriotic, you’ve got the flag, you’ve got the anthem, you’ve got uniformed military personnel; all the things that the left wants to erase from this country,” he added. “[The players] think it’s about police brutality, they think it’s about righting social wrongs; this is an attack on the NFL as an institution.

Watch Rush on ‘Hannity’ above.

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