Sean announces Coronavirus now in U.S.

posted by Hannity Staff - 3.20.20

>> Sean: Trace Gallagher, thank you. Joining us now, the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases, Dr. Anthony with is with. Good to see you. I’ve watched you over many decades and I know this is your wheelhouse, this is what you do. I agree with trace’s analysis. Maybe we are looking at 110 cases. Only five confirmed. I feel China reacted too slowly. Contact tracing comment incubation periods. Have we gotten it tied down?

>> Fauci: What likely happened with that is the first person that was infected was not really recognized and there was a period of time when there was a spread of infection and then they saw a cluster of cases which they had essentially assigned to a fish market, this wild animal market. They felt that was where the infections came from one actually was probably percolating for at least a few weeks before. Now we have a situation where it’s widespread throughout all of China. Still focused in Wuhan, the epicenter but essentially all 30 of the provinces had cases all traveling from Wuhan. The same thing in the United States. It’s not surprising at all that we have five travel-related cases. Fortunately we were able to handle them appropriately by identifying them, isolating them and doing contact Tracy. The report we heard is correct. It’s a low risk but the situation in China is very, very mobile in the sense that it’s evolving. It’s not a static situation. It could get much worse.

>> Sean: Let’s assume for a second that your rights and I’ve watched you for so long and I know this is what you do so my question is what if it is worse? Is this a moment or maybe countries put politics aside, little bit of pride aside, and do we have U.S. Officials, should U.S. Professional such as yourself get involved and help them out to try to contain it?

>> Fauci: You know, Sean, you bring up a really important point. I feel that the data that are coming out of China, particularly the last thing that year reporter said that the Chinese are saying that it could be spread during the period when a person doesn’t have symptoms, that is a huge implications about the policies that we take here in the United States, however going to do screening. That is based on the statement from a Chinese official. I would like to see us get there and look at the data firsthand.

>> Sean: All right. We are prepared here. Real quick.

>> Fauci: We are prepared. If you look at the way we handled the five cases that came in, they were appropriately and correctly handled.

>> Sean: Dr. Anthony Fauci, thank you for being with us. When we come back, details and what caused kobe Bryant and his helicopter crash. Straight ahead.

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