Martial Arts and Chokehold Discussion with Lawrence Jones

posted by Hannity Staff - 5.27.20


I’ve been training in martial arts for seven straight years. If, for example, if someone’s carotid artery, if you hit it hard enough right here, they will stumble and fall to the ground. It is a targeted area.

There is a phrase in martial arts called choking somebody out. If you put them in a chokehold, get these two areas, the two carotid arteries, they will be choked for that length of time, it is impossible for somebody to survive that. That is the most sensitive area of somebody’s neck.

Now, why it went on that long of a period of time, we don’t know.


There is obviously no talking here but you can see more from a different angle. This is not — now, what this video is showing is Mr. Floyd is not in any way resisting arrest. We’re going to follow this through. Watch it, mark it, and see where exactly it’s going to.


The officer has his hands on his pocket with the knee on his neck. The lack of training here is breathtaking. There is no evidence right here in this part of the tape prior to the neck incident.


That is where you would take the neck and literally move it in two directions and it does break their neck. It is one of the most single, sensitive areas on the human body. For this period of time how nobody saw it.

Now, he’s also according to reports saying, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe. And it’s critical at this point, we got to be asking, I don’t see any movement. I don’t see any resistance. I don’t see why the person is not cuffed. Why the knee stays on the neck.

I’m trying to be as fair and objective, I don’t rush to judgment on this program. I don’t think anybody should. We believe in the presumption of innocence.

But I can also say looking at videotape, the videotape doesn’t lie. And putting somebody’s knee on somebody’s neck is extraordinarily hurtful and dangerous from somebody’s neck point.


So, the question is, once you get somebody in handcuffs, why would this go on for any extended period of time?


HANNITY: You’d trained in martial arts as I do. Tell us your experience in terms of the neck — how sensitive the neck is and how this can go on for this period of time? It makes no sense. No resistance that I see at all.


But again, once somebody — I want to go to the second video now and then we will go to the audio in the first video. The second video, this new video, you can see that he is walking with the officers. I don’t see any resistance in this new video that came out, Bernie. None whatsoever.


HANNITY: What about the other officers that are standing by there? Did they not say hey, we got him, put him in the car?


HANNITY: He’s screaming I can’t breathe.

HANNITY: Yes. You know, nothing that we see here, Lawrence, seems justifiable, nothing. Nothing. And it’s not going to be trial by TV cameras. It’s — we have to believe in the system of justice.


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